High Quality Massage and Beauty Treatments in San Jose California

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Your search for good quality massage and beauty treatments in San Jose is over: trust Violet Johnson PhD, owner of Violet J Spa with all your beauty and well-being needs. Violet Johnson is a specialist in multi-ethnic skin care and is a licensed cosmetologist offering permanent make-up.

You can feel assured that your skin health will be in the hands of a professional spa therapist who really understands your requirements and concerns.

Whether you are a seasoned spa visitor or you have never been to a spa, taking some time to look after yourself is the best investment you can ever make in your health.

Our lead therapist Violet Johnson PhD has a wealth of knowledge and experience in health, skincare and psychology and will guide you through the recommended treatments to suit you. Violet is passionate about beauty, health, lifestyle and nutrition and attends regular training courses and advanced education courses to be able to provide the best treatments in San Jose using the latest techniques and know-how, combining hands-on work with talking therapies.

  • Spa Treatments at Violet J Spa

All spa treatments at Violet J Spa start with an in-depth consultation session to discuss any issues and requirements you may have. For facial treatments, a rigorous skin analysis takes place to assess the right course of action. Included in the facial session is a visualization exercise lead by Violet to help you relax and unwind. Violet is a qualified non practising psychologist and hypnotherapist and thanks to her very extensive experience and knowledge she has created spa packages to help you unwind and de-stress using techniques such as lymphatic drainage, Ayurveda and aromatherapy massage combined with guided visualizations. This unique approach enhances the beneficial effect of any massage or facial you enjoy, taking your mind off any worries and allowing you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Ethnic Skincare at Violet J Spa

Violet Johnson PhD specializes in global skincare. She trained in the UK as a nurse midwife and worked internationally (Saudi Arabia, Africa, China, Caribbean), becoming an expert in treating multi-ethnic skin, particularly African-American skin. From treating acne and hyper-pigmentation to enhancing brows with permanent make-up, Violet uses the latest technologies and draws from several years’ experience in cosmetology and healthcare.

Our treatment menu includes oxygenating facials to combat dark circles and ultrasonic deep pore cleansing.

  • Reviving and Rejuvenating Treatments at Violet J Spa

There are so many face and body treatments you can choose at Violet J Spa. We take a thorough intake on your first appointment so we can devise the best course of treatments for you and provide the best advice on self-care.

We are one of the best spas offering both pre- and post-natal massage and infant massage tuition; body treatments like herbal wraps and exfoliation; we are also one of the few spas that offer oncology facials for people with cancer.

  • Violet J Wellness Journeys

Step away from the stress and worries of your day-to-day life and immerse yourself in a unique spa experience specifically tailored for you. A collection of treatments including signature facials and body massage will be created for you after a detailed medical intake. These wellness journeys make your visit to Violet J Spa unforgettable: we are here to listen and to look after you during any stage in life you are going through. We pride ourselves in treating each client as an individual respecting their preferences. Major life events like illness can leave you feeling exhausted and fatigued, which is why we created spa experiences to help you deal with difficult situation while giving you the space and time to recharge your batteries.

Whether you are expecting a baby, have just come back from a long-haul flight or have been feeling run down, let Violet J Spa take care of you and give you your sparkle back.

Book your appointment now at Violet J Spa. Telephone: (408) 297-4899

Email: wellness@violetjspa.com

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